Nickname: Eu, TBA
Age: 20
Height: 5'5"
Orientation: Straight
Race: Human
Occupation: Magic Sex Therapist
Religion: Her God

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Spell List

Alter Breasts:
Anything from A to double D, on any gender.

Change Orientation:
Self explanatory.

Clothes to chocolate, cream, or oil:
Only able to change the clothing of the caster.

Hypnotic Rump:
"Renders the caster's buttocks fascinating beyond belief".

Morning Wood:
Save it for when it comes in handy, or maybe just for when it comes in hand.

Onestrum’s Personal Fluidic Enhancer:
"Spooge production that would make a titan proud".

Night Visitor:
Target gets a visit in the night. They won't get any benefits from sleeping.

Prismatic Chastity Belt:
Any would-be assailant of the nether planes suffers fire, acid, lightning, poison damage, is turned to stone and teleported to another plane.

Protection from Mingers:
Makes it impossible for ugly people to come near you.

Vinegar Stokes: Gives the target the sensation of being stuck edging right before orgasm, they can defend but not move or cast spells. A good way to escape.

Power Word: Orgasm:
No save. Stuns the creature. A good, non-lethal (if a bit messy) way to escape from battle.


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Out of Character

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