Name Desdemona
Nickname hover
Gender Female
Age N/A

Race Succubus
Height 5'8"
Weight 150 lbs
Tresses Pink
Irises Red

Marital Single
Interest None
Sleep Paralysis
In modern times, medicine and study within the medical field has lead to the possibility that Sleep Paralysis was the cause of the many succubus hauntings in recorded history. This is correct, but the succubus is the cause of such a reaction. Paralyzing the body of the victim in a lull of lethargy, she is only able to use this ability on a maximum of two humans. Stronger creatures are harder to cast this on, depending on their rank compared to hers.

Succubus Body
Due to her nature, Desdemona is capable of lasting excessively long in activities that use a lot of energy. This can be sex, or it could be something as simple as running. Her endurance and stamnia is incredible, and with her strength being high enough to hold down a man five times her size without breaking a sweat, there are obvious enhancements to her senses as well. She is able to track a scent depending on it's freshness by up to a mile, she can also alter her sense of touch to either overly sensitive to absolutely numb. Her sight can also shift from a normal human, to seeing the true nature of an individual (such as seeing an Angel behind an illusion), down to the very essence that makes them up.

Her wings are large enough to carry her distances up to 2,300 miles away within a 86 hour period.

Sperm Collection
Desdemona's body is able to keep semen for up to five days within her body without absorbing or expelling the secretion, this helps in storing the collection without contamination for pure proper use to make demons or Cambions.

As a succubus, she emits pheromones that are extremely welcoming to those of male gender, lulling them into a sense of relaxation until the probable sexual conduct. During this time, her scent becomes intoxicating, distracting the victim from possible thoughts of otherwise departing. However this is only used if she is collecting before night when most go to sleep.
What is currently known about Desdemona is that she has a long standing career as a succubus, having well over hundreds of 'children' she created through her work. She has said that she did desire to keep the children for herself so she could be a proper mother, but followed it with the fact that it was against what they considered 'The Law'. She is unsure of how old she is anymore, nor is she very arrogant with any title- if she even holds on to begin with. It is possible due to the expensive clothing she wears that she is of higher status than she emulates, though that is at best speculation. She is rather pleased with her position as a succubus, whatever ranking within that category she holds being up for debate, and seems to have no ambition to rise higher than she already is.
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