The Demon Cat
The Demon Cat
Alias(es)Hitomi Abo, Abo, Kitten, Monster
AgeEstimated 4,000
OrientationPower sexual

The Kasha's Body

There isn't that much information recorded about the mythical creatures known as the kasha. It has been assumed that they'd originated somewhere within the vast reaches of the Forest of Mist -- or perhaps outside of the boundaries of Avalon itself. In essence, they're rare creatures that have surfaced within the last ten thousand years, destroying human civilizations, slaughtering anyone that comes across their path, and devouring poor unsuspecting victims whole to satiate their ravenous cravings for flesh. It has been said that these creatures can be identified by their divergent tails and insatiable blood lust. The only common traits that have been observed between these monstrous aberrations of flesh is the distinct ability to forcibly dislocate their jaws, their heightened senses, and their penchant for their mischievous antics.

Physical Stats

Enhanced Senses & Body: Obviously this is a given considering she's a Kasha (A demonic bakeneko (Monster Cat)), her sense of hearing, sight, smell, and taste are vastly stronger than that of a humans'. Durability, Agility, Strength, and Stamina are also unnaturally high, and she can see perfectly well in low light environments. Everything that would make her the perfect natural predator.

Claws & Fangs: As a cat, she is able to transform her nails and canines to sharpen and elongate them on command, allowing her to proper consume her preferred diet. (Carnivore, obvs.)

Twin Tails: Allows for better balance, the tails are split until the middle where they meet for a singular appendage. Ghost fire wraps around the ends of each tail, which can catch other things on fire if she's not careful.

Poison Resistance: Pretty obvious, if anything is considered poisonous to others, Hitomi can consume it. She's almost completely immune to it, as it takes incredibly high doses of potent miasma to begin taking an effect on the individual.

Magical Stats

Ghost Fire: A blue fire normally reserved for Kitsunes and Bakenekos, this fire cannot be put out by normal means, the only way to snuff it is with holy water. Because of the energy it is made up of, ghost fire can burn the astral form along with the physical. Colored blue originally, Hitomi's was eventually warped into a violet color due to consuming a previous Ghenna's Heart.

Illusions: Capable of creating mostly realistic illusions, a majority of this power was concentrated into appearing human until she received the bell collar from Scarecrow, allowing her to blend into whatever she desires with ease.

Flight: Because of her transformation after consuming Ghenna's Heart, she was granted flight through a pair of massive bat-like wings, before that she had to use her Ghost Fire to achieve this feat.

Warp Magic:


Not the legendary blade that most assume, but one of the children of the original, it's blood thirsty energy desires the lives from both the physical and astral plane. Once the life is claimed by the blade, the soul is consumed by it; any who attempt to wield the sword must resist the insane voice of Muramasa. [ If rolling, must make an 18 or higher roll to placate it. ]

Born four thousand years ago in Avalon, Hitomi Abo was originally just a wild cat from the Forest of Mist, taking the next thirteen years growing in strength and power until she killed her first human-- A Crimson soldier from Yushi. Reborn as a bakeneko, she continued to do this for centuries; very few who crossed her path managed to make it back out alive, leaving her as a Legend in Yushi.

There is little else known about her from that time, the only other major occurrence was her gaining a Muramasa by unknown means. It is known that she found this sword in The Forest of Mist, but only theorized that it's arrival was due to a previous owner that she killed. Hitomi's mentality aligns fairly well with the blade, allowing her to control it to a masterful degree.

Thousands of years later, Hitomi was found and defeated by the mage Scarecrow, from there she followed him home and continued to keep him company as she pleased. With enough time, Scarecrow eventually gave her a previous Ghenna's Heart, forcefully evolving her into a Kasha. Along with this, she also earned a bell collar, that upon flicking and saying "Abo", will make her transform back and forth from humanoid to monster.
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