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Name Yoshiba Akane
Alias hover
Gender Female
Apparent Age 25
Race Human

Height 5'07"
Weight 130 lbs
Tresses Brown
Irises Red
Marital Disinterest
Orientation Straight
December 25th; [CITY REDACTED]

In what was suppose to be the happiest time of year, tragedy struck a Catholic family. Yoshiba [NAME REDACTED] and [NAME REDACTED] have been charged with neglect, assault and battery of their [AGE REDACTED] child, Yoshiba Akane. The child has been stabalized after receiving blunt force head trauma, which doctors are now saying will leave her paralyzed for the rest of her life. State officials are disgusted by the acts of the parents, and doctors are unsure of how long the child will live. An act of utter evil by the hands of those who were suppose to raise the girl, they will be facing severe charges in the future.

July 15th; [CITY REDACTED]

Both Yoshiba [NAME REDACTED] and [NAME REDACTED], two assaulters of their [AGE REDACTED] child, have been sentenced to life in prison without parole after pleading guilty to their crimes. Yoshiba Akane has been transferred to a facility that will be taking care of her treatments hence forth, as there are no other known members of the Yoshiba family.

December 31st; [CITY REDACTED]

[F I L E N O T F O U N D]

March 15th; [CITY REDACTED]

[F I L E N O T F O U N D]

August 2nd; [CITY REDACTED]

[F I L E N O T F O U N D]

January 14th; [CITY REDACTED]

[F I L E N O T F O U N D]

October 7th; [CITY REDACTED]


Multiple bodies have been found in the peaceful neighborhood of [CITY REDACTED], all of which were so horrible disfigured and torn apart that officials are at a loss to whom it could be. [CITY REDACTED] Police are issuing a curfew date of 7PM, and are informing everyone to keep their homes locked. The bodies have not been identified as of yet, their corpses were found hanging from the ceiling by internal organs, the walls painted in their blood. No suspect has been taken in, but police are investigating into the matter.

December 18th; [CITY REDACTED]


The serial killer, now officially named as Hangman, striked again within the [STREET REDACTED] neighborhood. No signs of forced entry, or a struggle of self defense. Terror has taken ahold of the city, and Police Officials are warning the public to not let anyone outside of close family into their homes until the culprit is caught. If anyone has any information regarding the case, please call [REDACTED].

March 25th; [CITY REDACTED]


Two years have passed since the horror filled tragedy of Hangman, the killings have ceased and peace has finally taken the town once more, yet the thought will forever linger in the minds of those who survived. Where did Hangman go? Will he come back? Detectives far and wide have been assigned to the case with no result, and the Public, while at peace, will remain uneasy. Where ever Hangman has gone, we can only hope he'll never return.

The Puppeter

By forcing her own blood to move, she is able to maintain complete control over her body despite the extensive injury dealt to it that left her in a persistent vegetative state [Or PVS]. If she forcefully activates this ability, it is either because she desires to have a corpse work for her or she desires to enhance a natural stat. [AKA Hardening the blood in her legs and arms so her hits are more effective and painful]

Weapon Construction

Due to her perfected control over her own blood, she is able to form weapons from them, though she limits herself to short blades in order to keep as much blood as possible within her.

Infectious Control

If by chance she manages to 'infect' her target by blood to blood contact, there is a much higher possibility of her gaining control of the target's blood as well. This isn't completely necessary, but it gives her the higher percentage, which is always nice~

Manipulate Vitae

Despite her perfect control over her own blood, she does have at least a soft Mastery of control over outside blood, the limit has been found to be five bodies [Or about 7.5 gallons depending on the weight and height of the individual]. She can also manipulate this blood to construct weapons, though they are not nearly as strong as her own blood due to possible impurities.