The Unholy Construct
The Unholy Construct
Name Akina
Alias hover
Gender hover
Apparent Age 30
Race Construct

Height 5'11"
Weight 160 lbs
Tresses White
Irises hover
Marital Never Interested
Orientation Straight
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03. This character has been worked on for ten years, revisions and recreations done extensively; if she seems super powerful to you, there's a reason.
04. Female Typist whom is taken IRL.
05. 10 years RP experience, 7 on RPC.
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Everyone knows the story of how Lucifer fell, or at least two different versions of it: Either he demanded to know why God wasn't helping Humanity, or he was so jealous of the love Humanity received that he waged war. While it is not clear which is the truth, it's after Lucifer was thrown into the deepest pits of Hell that memories began, at least this creature's memories alone. He was locked inside of a Cage, specifically built to keep him locked inside for the rest of eternity, it's magic was something to marvel at for it was the spark that created it. Lucifer had grown insane, hallucinations of nightmarish creatures haunting him slowly driving him into tearing his wings apart. It was from the flesh of his wings, the spark of God's Cage, and Lucifer's own magic that she gained a body and mind.

The vision of him in such agony caused the creature great distress, but even as it attempted to reach for him, Lucifer had only denied her existence; even as he escaped the Cage during the times of Adam and Eve to tempt them into darkness. It had escaped during this time as well, still just a young thing as brimstone clung to it's arms and legs, searing into flesh and bone. It was during this time that the creature began to think of everything possible to make the Angel who had given it life true happiness. Memory fragments remained from Lucifer's body, which was now it's own. It recalled the layout of Heaven, and brief snippets of happiness among Lucifer's brothers. It desired to give this to Lucifer in his own Prison, knowing that he would be unable to return to Heaven, it would simply bring Heaven to him.

And so the construction of Hell's System and Kingdom began, centuries taken to built it's strength; the first introduction of a human soul taught it a lot. It began to wonder what names were meant for, what love truly was, and what hate could bring. Slowly it began to learn, cultivating it's strength through the use of human souls, until the Kingdom of Hell had finally finished. The creature presented itself as a woman for the most part, and began to train herself in the arts of War. Hell was waging it against Heaven, she would raise her blade in honor of her counterpart. This would end in thousands of Angels dying, and even more demons falling. She was inconsiderate of demons, viewing them as nothing more than expendable trash. Up until Lilitu; the child of Lillith, the first woman. Lilitu had gone to the creature often, and a relationship similar to a mother and her child had formed. However this would not last, as Angels slaughtered Lilitu, and drove the creature into a rage that had not been seen in history before. Since that moment, the creature called itself Lilitu, and put her blade away until she would be necessary again.

From there, Lilitu realized that it was perhaps best to keep herself hidden among demons, blending in to keep herself from being spotted by Lucifer least he have another break down. So she did so, becoming the Unknown Nightmare, a Legend and thought to be Myth walking silently with the creatures of Hell. She bred Hellhounds, tortured human souls until they repented and were recycled back into Life to try again, maintained the status quo and kept everyone in line from the shadows. Millennials past without a second glance, as Hell's Time warped far differently from humans, and before she knew it the "technological" times were upon them. Curiosity slowly drove her to see the human realm, leaving her station and the well oiled machine of Hell behind for the time being.

It was her first vacation, and God only knows what will follow her.