The Pet of the Heavens
NameSpace Kitty
True Name[N/A]

Birth Date[N/A]
Height162 cm
Weight49 kg


SpeciesCelestial Beast
EyesBlue Stars

Created by an unknown God, she rested among the stars and watched the multiverse grow, mature and come to fruiation before she lost her way. It is not known how she came to be within a universe, only that she is there, and she is unaware of where she came from. Time will reveal more, as she is now bound by it's continuation within the laws set by the God that created her.


  • IC =/= OOC.
  • Smut is 99.99999% more likely with story, but I am not against it otherwise.
  • PM Friendly.
  • Female Typist whom is taken IRL.
  • 9 years RP experience, 6 on RPC.
  • Discord/Skype is earned.
  • Any questions, comments or concerns? Please don't hesitate to PM me.