Master of Grand Lancer & Assassin
Master of Grand Lancer & Assassin
Name Abe Kin
Nickname hover
Gender Female
Apparent Age 20

Race Half-Breed
Height 5'6"
Weight 150 lbs
Tresses White
Irises Gold

Marital Single
Orientation Straight
Magic Circuits/Quality: 10/A+
Element Affinity: All Five
Origin: Deceive
Sorcery Trait: Throwback

Chain the Spirits

Chain the Spirits (チェーンの精神, Chēn no seishin?) is a specialized spell that binds the spirits of departed animals (Kitsune, Inugami, Nekomimi, etc.) to a paper doll, utilizing them later as 'familiars' to fight for her. The most common she has is Kitsunes, as they are her specialty.

Element Talismans

Element Talismans (要素タリスマン, Yōso tarisuman?) are talismans built similarly to Jewels, containing the Five Elements under Kin's control for her to use without spending too much mana. While she able to complete the spells necessary to use the Five Elements without the talismans, this way is less taxing.

Healing Magecraft

Healing Magecraft (治癒魔術, Hīringu Majutsu?) is the type of thaumaturgy involving recovering the flesh of injured people and of detoxification.

Purification Incantations

Baptism Sacrament (洗礼詠唱, Senrei Eishō?) or Purification Incantations. The sole mystery that is freely taught to all members of the Church. A simple ritual with an aria that falls on the Ten-Count category, it is capable of exorcising Demons and sending Wraiths back to the world of the dead. Possess weak capacities of physical interference, but its power is overwhelming against spiritual bodies. Ineffective against spirits on the level of Servants though. Kirei Kotomine used this to disperse Zouken Matous spiritual body.

Edict of Binding

Edict of Binding (禁縛の勅, Kibaku no Mikotonori?), a spell that restrains non-humans, it is completely useless against humans and hybrids of humans with other creatures.

Shikigami Exertion

Shikigami Exertion (式神行使, Shikigami Kōshi?), a symbol of power for the Onmyouji, Shikigami are beings that are at the disposal of the practitioner similarly to the Western familiars. Creatures that share a spiritual connection with its master after receiving a part of their master, their powers are limited to a single-purpose curse and once the contract has been formed they will remain for as long as their master’s power does not run out.

Ward Against Evil

A passive ability gifted to her by the kitsune now intermingled into her spiritual essence, any dark or evil presence will begin to burn gently if they are within her personal space. The more she concentrates on this, the stronger the burn is until eventually they will either burst into white flames, or be forced to depart from her.

Kitsune Wedding

A spell currently unknown to Kin, which takes shape as an illusion so detailed that it is near impossible to separate it from reality. The ones except from this are Gods, Grand Mages, and the rare few that can disconcern it's true nature. Even Kin falls for her own creations, as to her it is her reality.


"My Lady, my Mother, whom has given me new life; I welcome you into this world, so you may take me to the Stars where you watch." The Reality Marble that is birthed from the connection between Kuzunoha and Kin, giving shape to the world Kuzunoha lived in while allowing Kin to access relics of powerful blades in Japanese history; which has only been possible thanks to Inari, who is not only a God of Harvest, but a Patron of Blacksmithing as well. Due to this area not truly being Kin's, it is similar to territory creation made by the Caster Class; as Kazunoha is from The Age of the Gods, which in turn allows anyone within it to complete True Magic. It is currently unknown what blades are inside of the reality marble, as Kin has not activated this ability just yet.

The Lady

Named after the mythological creature known as the Mother of all Kitsunes, it is unknown who exactly this being is, but what is known is how unique her power is. One can assume with her connection to Kazunoha, that she is The Lady, but there is no evidence to support this either way. With the exception of Dark/Void, or other such evil magic, Kin is mostly immune to elemental magic; while being able to access some of the more basic function of a kitsune. White fire, lightning, and self Spatial Displacement (AKA teleportation by taking an area of space from one location and moving it to another, so by using the space around herself she is able to relocate herself into a different place through this method.)

Inari, Guide Me

A source of True Magic that allows Kin to become invincible to attacks, with the downside that she cannot use any other magic or attacks; she becomes an absolute defense and nothing more. Connected to Inari being called the 'Protector of Warriors', she becomes the shield for warriors of true heart. She cannot control how many this power protects, and with time she will drain herself completely of mana to break the spell.

The first Servant she called upon, it was a surprise to have him answer, proving the existence of the Grail Wars; and with his past experiences at hand she was given perhaps the best weapon for the upcoming War.

A Servant she found Masterless, she is slowly starting to find out more of this mysterious man- including the fact that she feels Berserker power from him.

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