Mato Chiyoto
Mato Chiyoto
Yùshí Nameヨキ甲斐 ( Yoki Kai )
NameMato, Chiyoto

Weight130 lbs



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Capoeira is a Brazilian art form which combines fight, dance, rhythm and movement. Capoeira is a dialog between players - a conversation through movement which can take on many shades of meaning.
Ranking - Professor


A Japanese martial art and a method of close combat for defeating an armed and armored opponent in which one uses no weapon or only a short weapon.
Ranking - Black Belt



Her uncanny sight has allowed her to pick off enemies from a distance of three kilometers without aide from another or other means.

The Spellbook

Mana Bullet:

A basic first level spell that is the manifestation of her magical energy, which is then expelled towards the enemy/opponent that travels a standard 950 feet per second. - Ranking: Mastered

Advanced Mana Bullet:

An expansion on the Mana Bullet, which shapes itself into something extremely similar to the .50 BMG, which allows it to travel 3,000 feet per second. - Ranking: Mastered

Weapon Construction:

The ability to form a certain type of weapon with mana concentrated energy, the only fall back to this being that Chiyoto in particular must know the gun inside and out for it to work as she wants it to. - Ranking: Mastered

Energy Manipulation [Dark]:

The ability to manipulate the energy around her, the medium to pull forth this energy is from a dark physical place, but if she were to somehow manifest energy from her own mana pool, it would turn dark nonetheless. Normally this power is used to "load" her weapons she made from the power listed above, but she can use it freely. - Ranking: Mastered

Dark Rain:

Using dark energy, this spell manifests itself into reality, causing vibrations as they form around the caster before being thrown into the air to fall down similarly to rain. Upon contact, it taints the body of the victim and causes immobilization. Can be cured with Light magic, but due to the spread [ Anywhere from a few feet to three miles ] it's known to be quite deadly. - Ranking: Intermediate

Hell Vision:

By altering the senses of the victim, the caster can induce a horrifying ordeal they suffered through onto the victim; for Chiyoto, this is the memory of her being powerless as she was close to being raped. This can cause PTSD, and several other mental disorders. - Ranking: Intermediate

Toshi no kuchiku-kan:

A spell that with the aide of Raum, the Fallen Angel within her, creates a layer over a perimeter; this layer appears as a violet sky and multiple perches. This gives her an advantage for knowing the new terrain, allowing her to perch on buildings to snipe her target; or if forced, allows her to fight in close quarters with the option to flee and hide. The longest she is able to hold up this spell is about twenty minutes with Raum's help, without she is unable to hold it for longer than three minutes at best. - Ranking: Beginner

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