about me
name: Lykaios
age: N/A
country: N/A
Nickname hover
Gender Female
Apparent Age 21
Race Ookami
Height 5'8"
Weight 150 lbs
Tresses White
Irises Blue
Marital Single
Interest None
Orientation N/A

Those To Keep Close

Those To Keep Closer

PM friendly.
Respect the right to refuse roleplay.
Clean/Sexual, both are fine.
Long-Term/Short-Term, I'm not picky.
Art isn't mine.
Code doesn't belongs to me. It was a gift. No touchy.
IC is not OOC.
I'll respect you, so I expect the same in return.
Semi Para and up. Sometimes one-line when bored.
Don't message me with a post. Always ask me if I want to RP first! Starting with a post will only get you ignored.
Emoticons and anything of the sort is just a big NO. If you can't accurately describe facial expressions without use of one, just don't bother.
Flexible setting-wise, can adapt.
Don't be afraid to PM me if you're up for a roleplay.