Name: Yami
Aliases: Black Fox, Underworld Tourguide
Age: ??
Race: Kitsune
Sex: Male
Sexuality: Pansexual
Hair Color: Black & Red
Eye color: Ruby
Height: 5'2 ft
Weight: 115 lbs

History coming soon


Black Fox Spirit

Illusory World

World Eater

O.O.C, Trivia, & Encounters

01.「DM Friendly」
02.「Smut or Story」
03.「Flexible post length, shit post to multi para.」
05.「Discord is available on request」
06.「T1 Combat」
07.「Profile is regularly updated, please have a basic grasp of what is on it before DMing me for RP」
08.「OOC rudeness is not tolerated.」