Name: Sylas Iscariot
Aliases: Magic Freak, That Fucking Magic Femboy, Chaos Magician, Akashic Magician, Thenth Prince of Iscariot, Sleeping Demon of Iscariot
Age: 22, late teens by appearance
Race: Magician
Sex: Male
Sexuality: Pansexual
Hair Color: Blue black
Eye color: Aquamarine
Height: 5'2 ft
Weight: 110 lbs

History coming soon


Magic Genius

Sylas only cares about one thing, magic, he spends his time endlessly pouring over grimoires and tomes, searching for forbidden texts, or crafting spells. Sylas can learn and cast any spell he is exposed to for long enough, and once he learns a spell he begins theorizing how it could interact with others. Despite his young age, Sylas is a person that could challenge the title of archmage if he ever had the motivation to do so, titles and politics have no appeal to the magic freak.

Boundless Mana

Sylas was born with nearly infinite mana capacity, normally thanks to all the magic he experiments with his reserves are kept to normal levels, however, they will build endlessly if not expended and this tends to attract other magic users with nefarious intentions, aiming to steal his mana to fuel themselves.

Curse of the Idol

A theorized balancer to his immense magical power, this curse is a charm seemingly equal to or greater than his own power, his body is rendered youthful and effeminate thanks to it but those who lay eyes on him run the risk of being charmed, desiring him for themselves, this curse has manifested in several different ways depending on the one effected, some become docile admirers, others pursue him, the most problematic however are those that get more 'proactive', Sylas is regularly subject to assaults by people afflicted by his curse or has to remove stalkers when someone particularly unstable is afflicted. The curse also renders him physically inept, he can't swing a sword or raise a shield in his own defense, and he even struggles with things like particularly strong jars without magic.


Possibly an extension of the curse of the Idol or its own bane, Sylas is entirely inept when required to do simple tasks such as cooking or cleaning, he can command armies and craft unheard of spells but if stripped of magic could never do laundry. This, of course, is another reason why he keeps such a large number of maids around the manor, he has a limited grasp of business thus he relies on a secretary when he needs to offload the spoils of dungeons and battle or useful products of his research.

Chaos Magician

Chaos magic is the perfect fusion of light magic and dark magic, an unstable element that can create wild effects that warp fundamental forces such as gravity and space. Sylas is enamored with the element and its applications to such a degree that his title as a magician is the 'Chaos Magician' chaos spells allow him to toy with higher concepts such as spatial or gravity magics, even the basis for his Almiraj teleportation spells were founded in chaos magic research.

Forbidden Magic

Sylas collects grimoires filled with forbidden magic that breaks taboos, encroaching the realms of death, mental destruction, and demonic crafts. Sylas constantly searches for grimoires that detail breaking the ultimate taboo, god killing.


One of the most disdained forbidden magics, necromancy reaches into the realm of death to create twisted life. Sylas's experimentation with necromancy came from a spiteful argument with the goddess of light in which Sylas swore to create a being of necromancy that even she could not deny as alive, he still strives for this and regularly confronts the goddess with his new creations.

Faust's Book of the Damned

A book written by a man hounded by demons, it holds thousands of years of forbidden knowledge and after completing its contents Sylas turned it into his personal grimoire, opening it releases large amounts of stored mana into Sylas and allows him to look up complex spell formulas for easier casting. Eventually, the book grew in power, and familiars contracted to Sylas can now be summoned from it.

Akashic Eyes

Extremely rare magic eyes allow Sylas to steal the magic eyes of others and add them to his own, by locking eyes with a defeated magician Sylas can steal the power of their magic eyes and use it in one of his own eyes, he, however, can only use the effects of one type of magic eye per eye and only stores one 'eye' per set. The Akashic eyes also allow for the analysis of magic spells cast on the owner as well as the memorization of spell circles required to cast such magic.
[Demonic All Seeing Eye] [Eye of Desolation] [Eye of Gorgon] [Desire's Gaze]

Genisis Ring

A powerful magical artifact that when given to normal mages would greatly increase their mana capacity and regeneration, for Sylas it is however an important contingency plan, if the magician were to ever run out of mana he would be rendered unconscious for months if not years while he regenerated, the genesis ring, however, shortens that to a mere six to eight months.

Enchanter's Quill

Grimoire of Sin

A wicked grimoire written by demons in hell to summon demonic princes known as the Seven Deadly Sins and their subordinates, when the appropriate amount of souls have been sacrificed the name of a demon will become available so that Sylas can summon it. The role of a sin can be passed to different demons over time.

Grimoire of Virtue

A grimoire written by angels that holds the names of the Seven Heavenly Virtues and their subordinates, like the Grimoire of Sin once it has been offered enough souls the name of an angel will appear in its pages for summoning. The virtues can have their title passed to new angels over time.

Grimoire of Rider

A mysterious grimoire that holds the names of the four horsemen of the apocalypse and their subordinates, as with the other two grimoires souls can be used to summon Riders however the status of a rider has never changed, Riders also require far more souls than a sin or virtue to summon.

O.O.C, Trivia, & Encounters

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02.「Smut or Story」
03.「Flexible post length, shit post to multi para.」
05.「Discord is available on request」
06.「T1 Combat」
07.「Profile is regularly updated, please have a basic grasp of what is on it before DMing me for RP」
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X「Lloyd Images」
X「Character is based off of Loyd Saloom」
X「He has 36 siblings」
X「All of them are over powered freaks like him」
X「His head maid is Claire Graves」
X「Revitalizing 'fluids' due to mana oversaturation.」


- Senko -
Sylas's loyal caretaker, formed from the soul of someone who attacked him and a fox spirit. When Sylas is about she is never far behind.

- Rin -
House Pet
Sylas had his maids clean and feed the fox, now she is often seen around his manor.