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Name Shiro Usagi
TitlesThe White Rabbit
Age Twenty Two
Sexual OrientationStraight
Marital Status Single
Occupation Onmyouji
Weight 125 lbs
Skin Color White
Eye Color Ghostly Blue
Hair Color White
Home Nomadic
Allies None




Tsukihime: A gift from his mother Chang'e, this ornate sword gleams a bright platinum and feels almost weightless in Shiro's hand, using it he can exorcise Yokai and other spirits that he strikes down.

Moon Fire: A phantasmal blue flame that Shiro wields in a variety of ways, his control over it offers him some level of selection over what it burns and with proper application the ability allows him to reach out and grip things with the fire and return it to him without scorching it.

Tsuki Ōji no shisen: Gaze of the Moon Prince: By tapping into his yokai origins Shiro can view the lines of fate severing them with his blade to deal critical damage and cut the life from any being once they were all severed, while active the Tsuki Oji allows him to increase his reaction time as well to help strike the lines.

Moon Shine: A fighting style taught to him in his mother's palace before being sent down to the mortal world, it allows him to maximize his speed by cutting out wasted movements and in it's mastered form it is said one can cover twenty paces in three steps while preforming six cuts in one stroke, though Shiro believes these to just be myths.


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