The Azure Dragon
The Azure Dragon
Name: Seiryu
Nickname: Azure Dragon of the East, Qing Long, Ao Guang

Apparent Age:21
Race:Fung Shui Spirit


Affilition:Fung Shui Spirits
Weapons:Azuma no Nagareru Kawa, Botoru-iri no arashi

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Azuma no Nagareru Kawa:
Flowing river of the east: A long wood handled katana wielded by Seiryu, his ability to control water flows through it allowing him to assist his sword techniques with it, guiding torrents of water or storms of ice with every cut, legend says that Seiryu can use this blade to cut a tsunami in half with his right hand and reform it with his left.

Botoru-iri no Arashi:
The Bottled Storm: Oh his hip Seiryu wears a sake gourd filled with spring water, the cork is always on it but when it is removed the water springs into his hand in the shape of a blade, lightning running through it and clouds swirling from the open bottle, this blade of water and lightning cuts like steal and flows as he swings it and returns to the bottle when he wishes to sheath it.

Azuma Misuto: Eastern Mist:
A long pipe often hidden in Seiryu's robes, when he inhales and fills his lungs he may exhale releasing a thick screen of mist that will surround him allowing him to manipulate it like any other water, the difference between this mist and normal water is that he can alter the make up of it to create a mist of acid that he can freely manipulate.

Ryu Uta: Dragon Song:
An ornate silver flute that Seiryu keeps inside his robes with his pipe, by playing the proper notes the sound of the flute is amplified and instead of a normal song releases the crippling roar of Seiryu's dragon form, the waves of sound send anyone in the path flying back and are augmented by torrents of lightning.

Dragon of the East River:
Seiryu can control water with ease, altering it's state of matter and causing it to flow where he wishes, he has also shown the ability to cause storms as well as manipulating existing ones all in all creating a foe that should never be faced near water.

Spirit Physiology:
While solid most of the time Seiryu can enter a spirit state to pass through walls or fly, in this form he cannot effect the physical world or be effected by it, but even in his corporeal form Seiryu has a constant view into the spirit world despite not always being able to interact with it.

Winds of the East:
Seiryu brings storms with him manipulating wind and rain, with a wave of his hand he can manifest typhoon force winds or with a flick of his wrist split the storms in half to part a path for him to walk clearly.

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