NameSpriggan Darkwell
Yùshí NameRyū Me (りゅう眼)
Alias(es)Scarecrow, Crow, Gehenna

Weight150 lbs
AffinityPrimordial Average One
HomeYùshí Dynasty: Avalon


"Just a city birb, born and raised in south Yushi.~ Took the midnight crow goin' anywhere.~"

The Beginning

One cannot simply start the story of the Scarecrow at the 'beginning', for the mage eventually known as Scarecrow, Gehenna, The Avatar of Dark was not even conceived when his story began. the Crow's story truly starts with the dark dragon Bōkun firstborn of the Primordial Archon, this dragon created as a force of violence and destruction conquered a far-stretching territory in the world of Avalon spanning several formally individual city-states using his power over dark magic, the warp and the subsequent demons that spawned from it, becoming a horrid tyrant over the mortal races that occupied his territory, building massive alters to his own ego while feasting on the strongest mages they could raise. This black dragon ruled for two thousand years before he was finally brought down by the jade dragon Hisui and his six generals, powerful heroes gathered by the god-like dragon to stop Bōkun's tyrannical rule. But even with the power of these six heroes and Hisui they still could not slay the firstborn of Archon and were forced to seal it within a pure white stone, forcing his essence into the stone it turned a pitch black as the dark magic clouded around it and the consciousness of the dragon called out to all who touched it. With a power such as this newly formed to the world the strongest of Hisui's generals Sun Tszu had it sealed away in the temple of the black dragon as he became the first emperor of the Yùshí Empire with the other five heroes becoming his nobles and generals eventually becoming one of the four great empires of Avalon.

Still this does not complete the origin of our Crow, now hundreds of years after the creation of this empire we turn our attention to a powerful mage, her name lost to time but her deeds forever scorch the history of magic, this woman held a powerful affinity, the rarest of all Primordial Average One and with it she ascended to the heights of magic becoming a potent dark mage and inviting many terrible spells that she passed on to a multitude of the worst people imaginable, she became known as the Dark Dealer and despite her power she always had a greater aspiration, to become mother to the most powerful mage possible, beyond even her own power. With this goal she started a plan to span thousands of years, starting the powerful Darkwell family to slowly breed out weaker magic genes and encouraging magic potential until the more recent past where she had finally created her masterpiece, using the most powerful daughter of the Darkwell family she formed a deal with Bōkun to find him the perfect host if only he would possess the daughter's husband for a single night, infusing the dragon's power into the child that would eventually become Spriggan Darkwell, The Scarecrow.

Finally our story has reached the life of the Magus named Scarecrow, a prodigal Dark Mage of the Yùshí Empire, the Archmage candidate for the empire he took his Yùshí name of Ryū Me as an act of confidence, using the same title he would achieve as the Archmage for his own name, in line with his future duties the magus began studying the realm of Pandemonium and the demons that spawn from it using warp magic. He began to devise a plan that would allow him to control the demons, in his mind if he could control the demons when they came to Avalon they would stop invading and the threat would be dealt with though throughout his research he couldn't find a single way to control the number of demons he would need for his plan to work, small numbers reaching into the twenties at most were all he could research and achieve until an idea came to his head, a horribly wrong idea, the forbidden stone of Bōkun might grant him the power. A taboo in his culture to approach the stone that held their once tyrant Spriggan viewed it as the only way to achieve this goal for the betterment of the entire world, in his mind all of Avalon could be saved if he succeeded if he failed then so be it, only he would fall then. By stealing the stone Spriggan came into contact with the dragon Bōkun and formed a contract with the dark dragon, from him he learned the peaks of Dark magic and the benefits of warp magic, his own magic power bolstering greatly while teaching him the secret to subjugating demons instead of just contracting them, learning to dominate their very being allowing him to control far more demons than a normal contractor would. While his plan worked to an extent he was found out by the empire's elite guard, The Crimson and brought before the Jade Emperor, being found guilty of attempting to free the dark dragon Spriggan was sentenced to be his keeper and exiled from his home, stripped of his names and status he could no longer return home and with this he took the name Scarecrow, deeming that in his exile he would protect all of Avalon beyond what the Archmages did, instead he would take this name that warded off the symbol of evil, the Crows, Ravens, and Jackdaws, while he himself protected everyone with this dark power. Now the Scarecrow stands between Avalon and the forces that wish to consume and conquer it using the dark magic he was exiled in obtaining.

Becoming Gehenna



Crow is a genius plagued by sloth, despite his incredible skill in magic and even more so the forbidden arts pertaining to demons and their realm Pandemonium, he often finds himself crippled by apathy causing him to research, write down and play with these ruinous powers but never put their destructive potential to any use. To top off this apathy he is also afflicted with insomnia causing him to always appear tired and with large bags under his eyes, often yawning and appearing to doze off, some attribute his insomnia to his abuse of caffeine though he claims he's had it far before he started using the stimulant. A key feature to his personality though appears to be his saint-like patience that is always on edge particularly when dealing with his contracted demon Myxilyn, he always seems to be on his last nerve with her but never going over giving the appearance of near infinite patience.


Absolute Darkness: Crow's personal style developed through years of extensive study, considered to be perfect dark magic with it he has complete control over the element and can recreate spells from other styles of dark magic with ease. Those struck by the darkness find that the wounds are filled with dark mana causing a form of rejection sickness within the body.

Primordial Average One: An affinity only present in less than one percent of the population it granted Crow access to all magical natures without the intensive training to unlock them, this allowed Crow to master spells from any element much faster than a normal mage and when combine with his prodigious intelligence lead to him excelling greatly in magic.

Bokun, The Dark Dragon Tyrant: Sealed within his dormant state thousands of years ago Bokun was stolen by Crow during his time as the apprentice to the Ryu Me in an attempt to control the demonic incursions across Avalon, becoming the wielder of Bokun's dragon stone in the process Crow gained access to the increase in magical power, physical abilities and the powerful Dragon's Breath but unknown to Crow wielding the stone also awoke the draconic nature dormant within him forming him into a half-dragon causing him to become duel natured as well as granting him a host of draconic traits.

The Demon God, Gehenna: After the defeat of Corvia, the Fifth Gehenna Crow had taken up the position becoming the Sixth Gehenna and transplanting the Heart of Pandemonium into his chest acting as a secondary heart. With this powerful artifact, Crow gained access to the black Ichor that allows for the creation and evolution of demons or the conversion of mundane objects into a lowly demon. The Heart also grants a refined control of warp magic and the subjugation of demons as their ruler through an invisible, painful grip on their heart.

Morigan: Crow's familiar, formerly a normal raven through it's master's ascension and increase in power it has become a powerful yokai in its own right and on command can shed it's a lesser guise to take the form of a Yatagarasu. Crow can at any time see through the bird's eyes and communicate with it telepathically, the bird can also vocalize in any language it's master can speak.

Vanta Black: Gifted to Crow by the primordial of magic, Archon, this ability signifies his status as the Avatar of Dark, Archon's representative for the magical element in the fight against the Ancients. Vanta Black manifests as shadowy hands summoned up by Crow that absorbs light and mana nullifying weaker spells and allowing him to guard against stronger ones as well as manipulating objects in the world.

Jaldabaoth, The Living Shadow: Pulled from the prison of the Ancients, The Mirror World, Jaldabaoth is a being of shadowy darkness that Crow sealed within his own shadow acting as a defensive measure, blocking strikes with his body and striking out from his shadow as a weapon. WIth the lose of Crow's left arm a portion of Jaldabaoth's body was used to fashion a replacement maintaining Crow's sense of touch and it's appearance through the use of cosmetic spells.

Out of Character

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