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Name Ophiuchus Serpentarius
Aliases The Serpent Bearer, Ophi, Ouroboros, Lucky Thirteen
Age 29
Race Constellation
Gender Male
Sexual Orientation Pansexual
Marital Status Single
Height 6'2" ft
Weight 210 lbs
Eye Color Emerald
Hair Color Obsidian
Occupation Grade A piece of shit
Divine Identity Ouroboros


Just a snake eating his own tail.


Ophiuchus the Serpent Bearer

The thirteenth constellation Ophiuchus is backed by the infinite serpent Ouroboros, Ophi gains divine power due to his connection to the god, such as his near-immortality via regeneration, secondarily as the serpent bearer any weapon he wields is infused with the divine power of Ouroboros and becomes an artifact of the god, however, only the most powerful weapons can withstand divine power and as such most weapons empowered by his touch crumble to scrap moments after the fight. Constellations grow in power as their legend becomes more prominent and Ophiuchus's core legend revolves around his goal to slay the other gods.

Evil Eyes of Ouroboros

Empowering his eyes with the divine power of Ouroboros Ophi can spot the weaknesses in beings to strike with maximum effectiveness, the eyes of Ouroboros also increase his reaction speed and night vision capabilities.

Bible of Serpentarius

A divine artifact that records the actions of the constellation Ophiuchus, divine power can be expended to create copies.

God Killer Venom

All weapons empowered by Ouroboros drip with its venom, while deadly to mortals the true power of the venom comes out when it encounters divine power, growing stronger with the victim's strength. Feeding off of their divinity it eventually slays the god as it leaks away power.

Stheno & Euryale

Twin daggers forged in ancient times that are inhabited by powerful serpent spirits that have been subjugated as avatars of Ouroborus, the weapons can withstand the power of the constellation thanks to this. The serpents can manifest themselves as venomous ethereal vipers often wrapped around Ophiuchus's torso, he has also fastened chains forged from mithril and infused with his divine power to the pommels of the daggers allowing him to swing the weapons around at range.


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