Name: Itzpalt Gran
Titles: Of Elements, The Hermit, Grandmaster Mage, The Druid, Ars Magicae, Hero of the 2nd Generation, Perverted Hermit, The Architect
Age: ???
Race: Magician
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Pansexual
Hair Color: Platinum White
Eye color: Mana Blue
Marital status: Single
Height: 5'11
Weight: 170 lbs
Occupation: Hero, Magician
Job: Hermit
Location: El Dorado, The Arcane City
Affiliation: Hero’s League, El Dorado
Status: Alive
Alignment: Chaotic Good

Abilities and Inventory


「Ars Magicea, The Hermit Staff」
A powerful staff crafted from rare materials, it greatly boosts the power of any spell cast and allows for the more rapid regeneration of mana. Itzpalt's hermit staff has attuned to his choices in magic and offers further benefits to lightning, ice, and fire magic as well as the power of spells made by combining those elements.

「Gran Astra Codex」[set]
A grimoire that when paired with the Gran Astra Robes greatly increases Itzpalt's mana capacity and regeneration. The complex grimoire charts the movements of planes and stars in real-time, through the study of it Itzpalt has began to reach into star magic.

「Fragarach, The Retaliator」
A spirit weapon made by Itzpalt, it holds the soul of a powerful swordmaster. The weapon defends Itzpalt and those pierced by it cannot lie, in combat, it can unleash ranged slashes of air.

「Gran Astra Robes」[set]
Robes woven from cosmic fabrics, enchanted with powerful defensive magic. These robes greatly increase the mana capacity and regeneration of the wearer when combine with the Gran Astra Codex.

「Druid’s Rings」
Three rings crafted by Itzpalt to increase his magical abilities, each one increases his damage fire, ice, and lightning magic respectively.


「Elemental Fusor」
Itzpalt's unique skill, with it he can combine any two spells he knows into unique combinations. For example he can combine Thunder and Ice Spear to create the spell Lightning Rod, Or Meteor and Hail Ball into the powerful Comet spell.

「Elemental Master」
Itzpalt has mastered the highest level of spells in the elemental trinity, fire, ice, and lightning.

「Chaos Synthisis」
By combining the elements of light and dark Itzpalt can create a hand full of devastating chaos spells.

Magic from the stars recorded in the Gran Astra Codex, Itzpalt's recent studies into this magic had given him access to a good number of Star spells.

「Chaos Ruler: Infrablack」
A transformation made by a dark contract during the wars of the second generation, Itzpalt can draw on dark powers to greatly increase his combat power for a short period of time and by sacrificing short-term vitality he can increase the power even more.

Itzpalt's mastery of enchantment allows him to make powerful magical tools, weapons and armor.


「Bailus, Prince of Sin」


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