Name: Iblis Grimoire Laplace
Aliases: Ib, King of Curses, Demon of Laplace, Prince of Malice, Thot Demon, Sin of Misanthropy
Age: ???
Race: Thought Demon
Sex: Male
Sexuality: Pansexual
Hair Color: Purple-black
Eye color: Gold
Height: 5'4
Weight: 125 lbs
Master: Uncontracted


King of Curses

Ib has mastered countless grimoires worth of curses and demonic magics, often creating his own. He can via demonic power, manipulate malicious energies to create spells and curses. Geasa are a particular talent of his.

Familiar Pact

Iblis can maintain a pact both with and as a familiar, his own familiars are often demonic bats of various types.

Soul Siphon

Iblis can bite a person and drain their soul through the bite restoring his magical power and if he goes for too long, killing the host.


Possibly due to his affinity for curses the malicious magic of darkness was a natural draw for Iblis and his talents in this school of magic have grown with his skills in curses.

Demonic Eye of Domination

Those caught by the Demonic Eye of Domination are subject to mental domination via Iblis's malice, short term exposure usually subsides after a few hours away from the eye's influence however over extended periods of time the effects can become irreversible.

Cursed Spear Gae Bolg

Cursed when it pierced his heart thousands of years ago, Iblis ripped this spear from the hands of a fallen great hero and refined its curse into something truly wicked. The spear can extend or retract as well as branch up to seven times into additional spears and when thrown Iblis can take control of and guide the spear or even recall it to him, the curse comes into play when one is struck by the tip, the wound will be pained with malice as a stigma slowly forms, once the stigma has formed over the cursed person's heart the next strike from Gae Bolg will cause them to rupture with hundreds of spears from within. Additionally, Gae Bolg holds Iblis's blood within it like a poison that when released will slowly pervert the person into a demonic form, this blood is extremely limited however and Iblis prefers not to waste such a special curse.

Unstable Summoning

Referred to by Iblis as 'Gacha pulling' Unstable Summoning allows him to summon a new familiar by expending collected souls though he has no control over what is summoned.

Held Contracts

- Aoi -
Corrupted and stripped of her humanity in exchange for power, she is an infinitely loyal servant to Iblis.

- Maxi -
Plucked from his home and rendered a lowly imp to serve Iblis.

- Eliyen -
Corrupted after an unstable summoning, once rebellious now hedonistic.


01.「DM Friendly」
02.「Smut or Story」
03.「Flexible post length, shit post to multi para.」
05.「Discord is available on request」
06.「T1 Combat」
07.「Profile is regularly updated」
09.「OOC rudeness is not tolerated.」