Name Esper
Nickname hover
Gender Male
Age Twenty Five
Race Esper
Height 5'7
Weight 125 lbs
Tresses Alabaster
Irises Lavender
Marital Single
Orientation Heterosexual
Affiliation Self
Allies None
ESP: Since birth Esper has held a host of psychic powers that have only grown more potent as he aged. These powers have included things such as teleportation, psychokinesis, enhanced physique, telepathy, and hypnosis although it is entirely possible that this is not the limit of his psychic abilities, simply the ones he has learned to wield and gained mastery over.

Bio is a big ol whip
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Semi to Para poster, no one liners, third person rp.
Smut friendly, also Serious RP friendly, PM me and find out.
Pm friendlyish.
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