Name Iblee Athotep
Nickname hover
Gender Male
Age Early Twenties
Race MimiKing
Height 5'6"
Weight 150 lbs
Tresses Amethyst
Irises Ultra Violet
Marital Single
Orientation Heterosexual
Affiliation Self
Occupation Monster
Disaster Class A-
[Unique Skills]

[Unique Skill: Skill Eater]
[Unique Skill: Hoard]
[Unique Skill: Philosopher]
[Unique Skill: Vacuume Eater]
[Unique Skill: Chaos Sage]


[Skill: Mimic]
[Skill: Shadow Arm]
[Skill: Adhere]
[Skill: Acid]
[Skill: Aura Infusion]
[Skill: Menace]
[Skill: Charisma]
[Skill: Force Aura]


[Magic: Immolate]
[Magic: Squall]
[Magic: Lightning]
[Magic: Chaos Sphere]
[Magic: Erupt]


[Resistance: Kinetic]
[Resistance: Magic]
A former human with bad luck who came back as a really cool box.
IC and OOC are separate.
Semi to Para poster, no one liners, third person rp.
Smut friendly, also Serious RP friendly, PM me and find out.
Pm friendlyish.
My code, don't take it
//Please feed the mimic//
// Lvl 50 Mimic //