Name: Brionac An Linbh na Fírinne
Aliases: The Druid
Age: Twenty Two
Race: Half Fey (Spriggan)
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Skin color: White
Eye color: Red
Hair color: Blue
Marital status: Single
Height: 6'01
Weight: 150
Allies: None
Home: Nomadic
Affiliation: Himself


Iarann Brainse den Chrann Domhain: Iron branch of the world tree: A branch from the world tree gifted to Brionac by his druidic master and fashioned into a staff for him to wield, the branch while appearing to be wood is as hard as iron and with the application of magic can turn from it's normal form from a staff to a spear for Brionac to use in combat.

Cloí Leis na Dlíthe an Domhain: Abide by the laws of the world: Druidic magic works with manipulating the natural powers of the world, fire, wind, water, and earth along with the plants of nature itself, by combining his druidic teachings with those he learned from the Sages Brionac can turn the basic elements into more advanced forms creating stronger elements such as lightning or ice.

Saoi pailme: Sage Palm: A sage technique used for self defense, with gentle strikes of the palm Brionac can release powerful kinetic blows doing massive internal damage as well as sending a foe flying back.

Heicsidheachúlach fola sióg: Fairy blood hex: As a half spriggan Brionac can access powerful dark magic in the form of curses and hexes though he likes to avoid such spells as they reveal his nature as the child of a Spriggan.

Caomhnóir éadrom: Guardian Light: Despite their vengeful nature Spriggans are still fey and can access the light of the fairies for strong light based magic such as healing or for defense in offensive techniques.


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