Name Almiraj
Alias Tsundemon
Gender Male
Sexuality Pansexual
Race Devil
Occupation Demonic Hoe
Hair Color Emerald
Eye Color Scarlet
Age ??
Height 5'3
Weight 125 lbs

The Price of Pleasure

Profile has been gutted and reworked
Currently, a devilish hoe roaming around collecting souls without a purpose

Hellfire and Damnation

Purgatory Flames

Ghostly green flames that never seem to extinguish, Almiraj can manipulate the flames freely in combat and at all times his feet are engulfed in the flames, normally reaching up and forming thing highs, the flames on his body only seem to burn when he desires it.

Soul Contracts

Almiraj's main purpose is to gather souls via contract, those that sign away their souls grant the devil power in exchange for having him fulfill their desires, he however cannot fulfill tasks that would cost more power than the person's soul would be worth.

Devil Magic

Almiraj can cast curses, help grant wishes or do any other number of demonic actions with magic.

Rabbit Foot Greaves

While almost always hidden by his ghostly green flames Almiraj has a powerful demonic artifact in the form of two silver anklets that when active create a pair of black metal greaves that greatly increase Almiraj's speed and general leg power.

Almiraj's Long Horn

An ornate dagger made of emerald metal, Almiraj's go-to weapon that is infused with Purgatory's flames to burn away anyone he has to draw it on.

Legions of the Lesser