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Name Akmenraten Va'Ro'Tesh
AliasesThe Boundless Wanderer
Age Unknown
Race Undying
Gender Male
Sexual Orientation Heterosexual
Marital Status Single
Occupation Forbidden Host, Warlock
Weight 150 lbs
Skin Color White
Eye Color Violet
Hair Color Pink
Patron Asmod the Tentacled One
Allies None


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Eldritch Power: Long ago Akmenraten dabbled into foul magics and summoned a powerful eldritch entity known as Asmod the Tentacled One, realizing his folly Akmenraten struck a deal with the entity to act as it's Avatar and host on the material world in exchange for it's great power. Granting this deal Akemenraten gained the ability to manipulate the magic of the outer entity spawning masses of tentacles and releasing powerful dimensional energies as blasts as well as other twisted spells.

Asmodian Magic: Asmod authored a very specific grimoire known as the Tome of Carnal Power, used when it was free on the material world to teach those in the Cult of Pink Light spells that would spread his influence by feeding into other's desires be they for power, wealth or pleasures of the flesh, the spells in the Tome of Carnal power focused on satisfying desires or inducing them in others and once Akmenraten became the host of Asmod he was filled with the entire contents of the book giving him access to it's 'Pink' magic.

Dark Whispers: A third eye hidden in Akmenraten's forehead opens when he activates his psionic abilities, capable of whispering into the minds of his victims, filling them with terrifying or ecstatic visions and messages allowing him to paralyze his foes with fear or reward his followers with ecstasy. The bright green glowing eye has a secondary effect aside from psionic powers, it can focus eldritch energy into it and release it in a searing blast.

Undying Form: Akmenraten's body has existed since ancient times, having been preserved when he became the host of Asmod, never dying, never needing food or air he could exist for eternity and will at the power of the outer god, if destroyed his soul intertwined with the god will be flung out of the material world into Asmod's realm where his Avatar's body will be remade and sent back to continue his work. With this undying form Akmenraten also gained an enhanced physique becoming stronger, faster and more durable.



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