NameAisling Droch
AliasesThe Lofty Dreamer, Dream Cat
Sexual OrientationHeterosexual
Marital StatusSingle
Weight150 lbs
Skin ColorWhite
Eye ColorRed
Hair ColorBlue


Dream Eater: Aisling's main desire is to eat the dreams and nightmares of others for sustenance, by devouring dreams he grows stronger and relieves those who's dreams he eats of stress, though it is a balance, consuming to much at once from one person leads to him consuming their conscious mind leaving them little more than a vegetable. If Aisling finds someone who's dreams he particularly enjoys he will form a contract with them and aid them in return for the ability to eat their dreams.

Reminiscent Dreams: Aisling can freely manipulate the energies of dreams and one application of this ability is the ability to make images of himself out of his stored energies, acting independently of Aisling they can move and attack on their own though once hit they vanish in a wispy blue smoke. The key functions of these images is for Aisling to attack with greater numbers or to confuse foes as to where he is, the second application of this ability is Aisling's ability to switch places with any of the given images causing confusion in combat.

The Eternal Nightmare: While his dream energies don't have much application in combat aside from his images the energies he pulls from nightmares is a different story, the power from nightmares can be manifested as solid weapons, a black and blue energy that he shapes and manipulates into claws and spikes, or from the ends of his coat tails for a variety of attacks, his images can also manipulate this energy for combat purposes so that they may attack themselves.

Dream Walker: As a Dream Aisling can enter the dream world at will, vanishing from the material world and entering the mental one connecting all those in the world, often when he does this he changes his appearance into a small black cat so that he does not draw attention to himself, though he can also assume this form in the real world.

Requiem for a Dream:


Personality: In progress


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