"Aillen The Origin of Flame"

Name Aillén Mac Midgna
Alias Origin of Flame, Warlock
Gender Male
Sexuality Pansexual
Race Fae
Occupation Archwizard
Marital Status Single
Hair Color Scarlet
Eye Color Ruby
Height 5'7
Affiliation Self

Origin of Flame

Still writing. In summery:
A Fae prince abandoned in the woods and adopted by a coven of witches. Dresses like a girl because that seems normal to him.

Songs of Fire and Destruction

First Flame: Appolleo: The first fire, ignited at the beginning of time found its way into Aillen forming the magical fire Appolleo, the fire cannot be quenched and burns until Aillen's will gives out or the target is burned beyond ash. The fire of Appolleo can be used to fuel Aillen's pyromancy, evolving it beyond what a normal witch of his coven could possibly do. By changing his intentions Aillen can cloak others in his flames to heal them with their warmth, this premise is often extended to his flame cloak when in combat.

Pyromancy: The witches that raised Aillen, be it divine intervention or ironic chance specialized in pyromancy, and taught Aillen the craft that would best harness his unique gift. Aillen is extremely skilled with pyromancy and can cast spells ranging from high-level fire magic to summoning firey elementals and spirits. All of his pyromancy is aided by the first flame greatly increasing its power.

Ifirit's Claw: The red dagger gifted to Aillen was pulled from a slain flame spirit and is one of the few things to resist his First Flame, the dagger acts both as a melee weapon and a wand when in combat and allows him to summon forth the spirit that it once belonged to.

Ashen Violin: Aillen is a talented violinist, enchanting those that hear his songs with his performance. His enchanted violin can lull listeners into sleep with one song, then with the next set miles of land ablaze for weeks. Other songs played on the violin cause effects such as brimstone rain or mass panic.

Nemean Regalia: His clothing was crafted from the pelt of a Nemean Lion, then enchanted with dark magic to resist his Appolleo flames. They repel weapons and flames rather easily though offer little defense against bare-handed attacks.


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